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John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences - Aircraft Accident Investigation Course
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Aircraft Accident Investigation

UND Aerospace and the Air Line Pilots Association, in a cooperative effort, have designed and developed a 2 1/2 day aircraft accident investigation course.

Because the field phase of an accident investigation can be confusing, chaotic and labor intensive, this "hands-on" course, using an actual aircraft wreckage, provides participants experience analyzing and documenting a re-created aircraft accident.

While not designed to solve aircraft accidents, the course places participants in the logistics involved in accident response, participation, on-scene investigation groups and on-scene investigative techniques.

Participants will be exposed to the same investigative groups used by the National Transportation Safety Board and major airlines to include Air Traffic Control (ATC), Cockpit Voice Recorders (CVR), Maintenance Records, Operations, Aircraft Structures and Survival Factors.

The course is designed for those individuals who may need to participate or become parties involved in an aircraft accident investigation, persons associated with:
  • Flight departments
  • Flight schools
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Insurers
  • Air carriers
  • Government
  • Law firms
  • Law enforcement
  • Crash/Fire/Rescue Departments

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